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The perfect balance of innovative science and elevated simplicity. SALU Skincare® was born out of our ambition to bridge the gap between dermatological experts and consumers seeking high-quality Skincare at an obtainable price point.

We exist to bring useful solutions to enrich our communities Skincare and wellbeing.


With a focus on quality and efficacy, SALU's science-backed formulas deliver targeted rejuvenation and deep hydration. Created for conscious consumers, each product is cruelty-free, made with organic ingredients, and formulated without gluten, fillers, toxins, sulfates, parabens or harsh chemicals.

Our own personal struggles with various skin conditions became the catalyst for our journey of skincare discoveries, inspiring us to learn more about our skin and how to care for it. Fueled by years of failed products, false claims and disappointments, we called upon our Skincare experts to create formulations that reactivate skin's inner beauty.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a right, not a privilege.

Your skin is the ultimate reflection of yourself. Through organic ingredients and technical formulas, our expertly-crafted solutions were developed to deliver targeted rejuvenation and nourishment for all skin types, textures, tones, and stages of maturity.

Made in the USA

Now more than ever we must pay attention to how and where our products are made, especially products that touch our skin. We are committed to manufacturing clean products with ethically sourced ingredients in the USA.

Our manufacturing process is done in small, controlled batches and go through a minimal amount of processing to ensure the active ingredients are not jeopardized. By cold-pressing our oils, we are able to increase antioxidant capacity and deliver pure, potent and highly effective products.